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How to Use, Create and Download Free AudioGuides

How to use the AudioGuides:

1) Choose a tourist destination.

2) Download and print the maps and list of points of interest.

3) Download the .mp3 AudioGuide files and put them in your MP3 player.

4) Be a better informed tourist without having to carry extra heavy books!

How to create AudioGuides:

1) Choose a destination.

2) List the main attractions on the target city. We suggest 25 POIs to small cities, 50 to medium and 100 POIs to the big ones! Print and number them. Ej. 001, 002, 003... Generate a text document like an index.

3) Study about it and do some clipping over the internet. Give preference to open source resources like WIKIPEDIA to avoid copyright conflicts.

4) Print it and resume it in a touristic and interesting way.

5) Download the FREE AUDACITY program and record while you pronounce your touristic speech (in any language you choose) . You might find interesting the TRUNCATE SILENCE tool under the EFFECT panel in order to get a more fluent speech. Save the file like 005_NY_Central_Park.mp3 to mach the text file (point 2).

6) Create a personalized Google Maps map with the POIs referenced on it. Create as many maps as you think its necessary.

7) Send the .mp3 files, links to the Google Maps, the text document with the POI numbered and your name as you want it to appear on the credits to

8) Your new AudioGuide will be posted as soon as possible in the The Tourist AudioGuide Blog.

How to download free AudioGuides:

1) Choose a destination in the right menu of The Tourist AudioGuide Blog

2) Download the .zip files with the .mp3 files, links to the maps and POIs list.

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We are waiting for more contribution of you all!
Have a good trip! Our Best Regards!